Monsterscene Cover #9 MONSTERSCENE #9                                         Fall 1996
This issue features:
• THE MODERNIZATION OF MONSTERS—From Abbott and Costello to Young Frankenstein, from the Groovie Goolies to The Monster Force, Monsterscene explores failed and successful attempts to bring classic movie monsters to the present.

• THE MAD, MAD MONSTERS OF RANKIN-BASS—Author Rick Goldschmidt offers up a fun history of the monsters from the studio that made our Christmas TV watching worthwhile.

• FRANKENSTEIN AND ME—Bryan Senn reviews Robert Tinnell’s loving tribute to a childhood rich with monsters.

• MASTER OF THE WORD: The Richard Matheson Interview—Paul Riordon’s discussion with Matheson provides insight on the man who writes the movies.

• U.S. POSTAL HORRORS—Sara Karloff unveils the new horror film legends stamp series.

    #09                            SOLD OUT


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