Monsterscene Cover #8 MONSTERSCENE #8                                   Summer 1996
This issue features:
• A STAR IS UNBORN: A LOOK AT THE FILM CAREER OF ONE FORREST J ACTOR MAN—Uncle Forry joins the MS staff for the first time by sharing his many adventures on the screen. 

• CARMILLA: J. SHERIDAN LE FANU AND HAMMER’S KARNSTEIN TRILOGY—MS Editor Stephen D. Smith probes the Hammer film s, THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, LUST FOR THE VAMPIRE, and TWINS OF EVIL through research, opinion, and interviews with star Ingrid Pitt.  

• UNIVERSAL’S MASTER MAKE-UP ARTIST—Hollywood make-up artist Michael Blake examines the career of Jack Pierce, including a VERY RARE progressive photo series of Pierce creating a make-up on the author’s father, Larry J. Blake. A true prize among MS articles.

• VAMPIRELLA—The Princess of Drakulon finally hits the (big?) screen.

• THE FRIGHTENERS—A modern haunted house story starring Michael J. Fox gets a review.

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