Monsterscene Cover #7 MONSTERSCENE #7                                  Spring 1996 
This issue features:
•  VISITS TO THE MIND OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN AND HOW THEY CHANGED MY LIFE—Academy Award-winner Chris Walas looks back on the career and films of the legendary Ray Harryhausen.

• MARY REILLY: A REVIEW—MS Editor Steve Smith gives his surprisingly positive look at the Julia Roberts/John Malkovich retelling of the Jekyll & Hyde story.

• HORROR CINEMA’S FIRST FAMILY: DRACULA, DAUGHTER, AND SON—Bryann Senn offers a brilliant exploration of Universal’s three serious attempts at the Dracula legacy, complete with cast and crew credits, and insightful commentary.

• STINKY, CINEMATIC SUPPOSITORIES!—Steve Darnall reviews the big screen debut of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

• Star Wars legend, DAVE DORMAN, provides this issue’s cover.

    #07                                   $7.50


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