Monsterscene Cover #6 MONSTERSCENE #6                                          Fall 1995
This issue features:
•  THE PHANTOM’S HAUNTING GROUND—Michael Blake gives MS readers a behind-the-scenes look at the last remaining set from the Lon Chaney film as it turns 70. Rare photos illustrate the story.

• MALIBU AFTER MIDNIGHT: THE FINAL DAYS OF TOD BROWNING—David J. Skal and Elias Savada explore the end of Tod Browning’s career and his final days in this compelling article taken from their book on Browning, DARK CARNIVAL. Profusely illustrated with rare photos.

• HERE COME THE MUNSTERS…AGAIN!—TV’s #1 monster familyreturns in a big-budget Fox Network Halloween special produced by John Landis. This article includes an illustrated sidebar on the Munsters’ make-up room of Steve Johnson’s XFX team. 

• DEAD END ROAD TRIP: XS CORPORATION TELEPORATION SYSTEM UNLEASHES EXTRA”TERROR”ESTRIAL  ON UN(?)SUSPECTING HUMANS—MS takes an interplanetary trip to DisneyWorld to uncover the ride Michael Eisner said “wasn’t scary enough,” ALIEN ENCOUNTERS.

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