Monsterscene Cover #4 MONSTERSCENE #4                                      March 1995 
This issue features:
•  SILENT SCREAMS—The UK’s SFX Magazine’s MJ Simpson looks at several important horror films produced during the silent era which impacted the future of the genre. Illustrated with stills and pressbook art.

• THE FRANKENSTEIN FILES: THE MONSTER’S LEGACY IN THE THEATRE—Noted author David Skal gives readers a rare peek into the pre-cinema history of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN.

• BETWEEN THE BOLTS: A “FOUND” INTERVIEW WITH BORIS KARLOFF—Thanks to Canada’s own D’Arcy More, and MS editor/transcriber Steve Smith, Karloff fans can “hear” Karloff again, as he talks about horror, the monster, Lugosi, The Chaneys, and more.

• UNIVERSAL’S FRANKENSTEIN CLASSICS: THE MONSTER, BRIDE, AND SON…—Bryan Senn takes readers behind the scenes of the making of the Karloff Frankenstein Trilogy in an extensive feature illustrated with stills and featuring full cast and crew credits on all three films.

    #04                             SOLD OUT


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