Monsterscene Cover #3
MONSTERSCENE #3                                          FALL 1994
This issue features:
•  SATURDAY MORNING MONSTERS—Scott Shaw! explores the monster phenomenon of the 1960s and how it affected shows like THE FLINTSTONES with conceptual art from THE FRANKENSTONES and MORE.

• WHITE ZOMBIE—Mark D. Neel provides an analysis of the film that turned Bela Lugosi from a rising star to a B-Movie boogeyman overnight! Illustrated with poster and ad art.

• HAMMER HORRORS: THE DRACULA FILMS OF CHRISTOPHER LEE—Mike Schneider and Joe Hetaler provide a film-by-film review of all of the Hammer Dracula films starring Chris Lee.

• THERE GOES TOKYO—Frank Kurtz provides an amazing overview of the Toho vampire films, NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE,  LAKE OF DRACULA, and THE EVIL OF DRACULA with rare stills from both films.

• THE KING OF FAMOUS MONSTER ART RETURNS—A look at the career of master monster artist, Basil Gogos. Illustrated with magazine, monster, movie poster, and fine art works.

    #03                              SOLD OUT


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