Monsterscene Cover #2
MONSTERSCENE #2                                    June 1994
This issue features:
•  THE STRANGE WORLD AND WANDERINGS OF THE AZTEC MUMMY—Frank Kurtz examines Popoca, the Aztec Mummy, in his many film appearances.

• HEY GROUP! IT’S GHOULARDI: A career overview and interview with the original Cool Ghoul!—Mark D. Neel provides a priceless (because it was Ernie Anderson’s last) interview with Ghoulardi, a cult TV icon. Profusely illustrated. 

• DISNEYWORLD’S HAUNTED MANSION…AND BEYOND!—We take a trip to the Haunted Mansion, and are treated to concept artwork for a new (at the time) attraction: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

• CONTEMPORARY CLASSICS: SUBSPECIES—Stephen D. Smith visits the popular Full Moon series of vampire films to find out why they are so bloody popular.

• THERE GOES TOKYO—Frank Kurtz outlines the latest GODZILLA features from across the ocean.

    #02                                     $7.50


Monsterscene, Monsterworld, and all related art, logos, and character designs are © and ™ 2008 Stephen D. Smith and William N. Harrison. All rights reserved.