Monsterscene Cover #11 MONSTERSCENE #11                             Winter 1998
This issue features:
•  MOCKINGBIRD HEIGHTS BABYLON—An in-depth look at THE MUNSTERS, including an interview with ROB ZOMBIE, and articles by producer KEVIN BURNS, and comic book/pop culture nut, GREG HYLAND. 

• THE ADDAMS FAMILY VS. THE MUNSTERS—The two monster families dual it out in a riveting comparison by MONSTERSCENE’S Bill Harrison.

• GOMEZ SPEAKS—An interview with John Astin on The Addams Family, Edgar Allan Poe, and life.

• WANNA KNOW WHAT BUFFY DID LAST SUMMER?—An early interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar shortly after the success of Buffy and the release of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.

• DRUMS OF TERROR—Bryan Senn takes us on a guided tour through sixty-five years of voodoo movies. Zombies!

    #11                                      $7.50


Monsterscene, Monsterworld, and all related art, logos, and character designs are © and ™ 2008 Stephen D. Smith and William N. Harrison. All rights reserved.