Monsterscene Cover #10 MONSTERSCENE #10                                Summer 1997
This issue features:
•  THE CURSES OF DR. PHIBES—With rare, possibly never-before-published photos in hand, publisher William Harrison explores the creation of an accidental genre classic and its sequel.

• GRAVE RESERVATIONS: Horror Hotel Revisted—William Burns puts a new psychological spin on the low budget classic.

• THAT LITTLE MONSTERPIECE—The Tall man, Angus Scrimm, reviews one of the oddest films of 1996, Paul Bunnell’s THAT LITTLE MONSTER.

• HALLOWEEN: The Happy Haunting of America—Monsterscene regulars Bob Burns and Dan Roebuck, along with Chuck Williams, have created a video celebrating everythingwe love about Halloween.

• WELCOME TO THE HELLMOUTH—Our editor introduces readers to the world of America’s hottest monster hunter, Bufft the Vampire Slayer.

    #10                                      $7.50


Monsterscene, Monsterworld, and all related art, logos, and character designs are © and ™ 2008 Stephen D. Smith and William N. Harrison. All rights reserved.